Welcome to the Child Guard Campaign

CAMPAIGN STATUS: Approved drafts being sent to influencers for publication.

Thank you for applying to the Understand AD Campaign! We are excited to invite you to join us!  Please review the requests and requirements before accepting the assignment.

Use the campaign information emailed to you as a basis for creating an article and social posts. We will need to send you two sample packs of laundry pods with the Child-Guard Closure. Please complete the shipping address form to receive these and accept the campaign.

Review all points and document below before accepting this campaign.

  • Create a post and introduce your audience to campaign content.
  • Review the campaign requirements and images e-mailed to you.
  • Must provide a draft post for review before publishing.  Please send your draft to [email protected] in a WORD DOCUMENT
  • Your draft must include a title.
  • Your draft must include any images/video you intend to place in the article.
  • Link to their website in the blog post: http://child-guard.com
  • Mention the Child-Guard blog in your blog post: http://child-guard.com/blog
  • Mention that Presto Products Company is the creator of Child-Guard: http://prestoproducts.com
  • Share your post on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram
  • Use the #GuardIt hashtag and tag (on Facebook) their page on social media: https://www.facebook.com/ChildGuardSlider
  • Don’t forget to use #sponsored or #ad on your social media posts.
  • Receive payment of $100 via Paypal Invoice. Payments are typically made on a net 60 schedule even though our terms are a net 90 days. If there should be any delay, Bloggy Moms will provide notice.



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