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A lot has happened this year. The pandemic has meant that we’ve all had to find a new way of living.

With so many UK residents spending so much more time at home, many had the time to realise that they wanted to make some big changes in their lives. Perhaps the flat they’ve lived in for years suddenly felt cramped or the house they bought lacks outdoor space.

If this sounds like you and you’re thinking that this move requires relocating, there are a few things to consider, especially if you’re thinking of moving to a new region or out to the countryside.

From working out how you’ll learn about the area you’d love to live in, to the financial considerations you might have to make before moving, you’ll need to think carefully before you commit. To help you decide, here’s a look at what moving to different parts of the country can involve.

City or country?

Before you establish where in the UK you’d like to relocate to, it’s worth thinking about what type of area you’d like to settle in. Are you a city person or do you long to live in the countryside? Maybe you’ve always dreamt of living beside the sea in a coastal resort?

Take some time to think about where you live currently. List the things you like about the area, along with the things you’re not so fond of. This will help you to work out what it is that’s making you want to move elsewhere.

Next, research the locations that you’d like to move to. If you’ve always been surrounded by fields and lockdown has made you realise just how remote your home is, a town or city might be for you. As long as restrictions allow, try taking some trips to the towns and cities that you’d consider moving to. Likewise, if you’re tired of city life and want to set up home in a rural spot, take some trips to countryside locations.

Be sure to research the areas that you’re considering. Try to speak to people who live there and join some local community groups online to get a feel for the areas that you’d consider moving to. This should give you an idea of the issues that affect the locals as much as the good points about the location.

Heading north?

If you’re currently living in the south and long to head north, you’re not alone. Many who’ve lived in the capital for a while are likely to have itchy feet, especially after lockdown. Even before the pandemic hit, London residents were debating whether it was time to get out of the city.

The north has a lot to offer, from stunning countryside to innovative cities such as Liverpool and Leeds. Whether you’ve regularly holidayed in Yorkshire and have always longed to settle in the Dales, or you’ve got a soft spot for Newcastle, be sure to think carefully before you commit. Look at the cost of living, house prices, and job prospects.

While the north is generally considered cheaper than the south in terms of house prices, this is a trend that has faltered recently. For instance, UK house prices were rising fastest in Yorkshire and the Humber at the start of the 2020, so it’s important that you look at the cost implications before you move north.

Heading south?

Has lockdown made you realise you long to escape to the capital? Or maybe you’ve always longed to set up home on the southern coast. Job prospects in London are potentially more positive, however it’s crucial that you look at how much you’ll be paid and weigh this up against living costs. Rent is higher here, so consider settling in one of the surrounding commuter towns to balance out your finances.

Similarly, outside of London you might find that the cost of living is higher. Plus, house buying is more competitive in the south, especially in the south west of the country, due to a lack of choice of properties for sale and rent.

While it may be your dream to relocate, take the time to get to know the area you want to move to and look carefully at the cost of making the move. By being realistic, you could find that the next move you make is to your forever home.




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