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Diaper Bag Backpack
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Here’s another cute and great organizer bag for all sorts of baby stuff. This diaper bag is full of details designed for those moments when you are out with your little one and need the added touch of organization and well thought out design.

It includes an easy-reach side slot for baby wipes and an anti-thief pocket in the back for your cellphone or wallet. Attach the diaper bag to your stroller with the two included straps.

diaper bag backpack

They’ve also added a USB charging port and cable so that you can charge your cellphone conveniently. Note that the charger is not included.

diaper bag backpack

With this backpack, you get well-layered compartments to keep things separated. Separate wet and dry nappies, bottles, diaper cloths

Use the side pockets for baby wipes, umbrella, water bottle and more. There are three enlarged insulated pockets for 4-9oz bottles.

diaper bag backpack

What other moms are saying:

“I am very happy with my purchase. The backpack has plenty of room, I was able to fit all my baby stuff plus my own belongs. What is awesome about this bag, also, it doesn’t look full, after putting all the things inside, I still have room and the bag doesn’t seem that it is full. Another good feature is the waterproof fabric used on the bag, which keeps you safe in case if something spills on it.

diaper bag backpack

The pocket on the back opens half way to make life easier, you can have access to anything you need instead of losing time trying to dig inside the bag or putting everything out to get one diaper, for example. The shoulder straps are very thicker than others backpacks I have seen so far, they have a soft and breathable padding as well.

Summarizing everything, this bag is worth the price, I will definitely recommend to my friends.”

Read more reviews here.

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Decorating and Personalizing with Sticker Kid 0 15

sticker kid personalized labels
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I had thought that I would start this article off with a walk down memory lane – and remind you of how neat it was to be a kid and have something with your name on it. Do you remember buying pencils or keychains with your name? As a kid, I loved that.

But I’ll be honest – as an adult – I still love it. I’m putting my name, our last name or initials all over the place! So in reality, who doesn’t love it at any age?

It’s still fun to find items in a store that has my name or my children’s name on it – but I think it’s even more fun and quite useful to put our name on whatever I want!

Sticker Kid sent over the cutest labels – and I got to do just that. They have so many sticker shapes, sizes, uses — they even have posters!

I spent the weekend labeling-up the kid’s stuff and a few things of my own.

sticker kid personalized labels
You know what I love the most about Sticker Kid labels – other than the fun, personalization factor? The fact that it helps the kiddos (and me) keep track of their items. There used to be a time when I knew exactly which pencil and eraser belonged to my child. I also knew exactly how many items I sent with them out of the house. But, my brain is a little more frazzled and I need a little help remembering what I’ve purchased and sent with them. So, Sticker Kid can help me keep all of that in order.

Is that the backpack I bought for you, Joey? Yep! It has your name tag on it. Savannah, did I really buy you that water bottle? Yep! It has our name label on it.

Please tell me that I’m not the only one with a perpetual case of “mom brain”?
I had been worried that the labels and tags would be easily removable to the point where they could just fall off and be lost. But they are securely on each item.

sticker kid personalized labels
You may be tempted to solely use the labels on the typical items such as school supplies, and shoes. But I think they’re going to work very well when the kids head to camp and go on day-adventures.

I plan to label items such as hair dryers, safety kids, flashlights, combs, leave-in conditioners, sunblock, pool toys, bite cream, and the list goes on. What else would you label?

sticker kid personalized labels
I was excited to see their collection of kitchen labels and home decor items. Having just revamped one of my brands, I wanted to pay homage to it. These kitchen labels were the perfect item to keep it close.

I plan to use these to organize not only spices, but my espresso, flours, sugars, and oats.

sticker kid personalized labels
So, the poster is probably my most favorite item of all. Because I love putting our names everywhere! Right now, I’m attaching it to this old calendar board I thrifted last year.

I painted the frame white, added wood to the inner portion and covered it with chalk paint. This will hang in our kitchen – but I may rotate the poster throughout the house.

sticker kid personalized labels
I’d love to hear what your ideas on labeling are! What should I label next? Which item are you going to order or which one should I order next?

I love being creative but I’d love your suggestions as well. What would you use these labels on?

Here’s a list of some of their different label options:

  • Iron-on name labels for clothes
  • Medium labels
  • Mini labels
  • “Preschool Super Pack” of 154 labels
  • Kindergarten pack with 150 name labels – perfect for toddlers
  • “School Mega Pack” pack of 214 labels
  • Large labels
  • 80 Peel and Stick Clothing Labels
  • Small name labels
  • Heart labels
  • Square Photo labels
  • Shoe labels
  • “Book Pack” labels
  • 9 Right-left shoe labels
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