What Are The Most Common Childhood Accidents?

Even if you put your best effort into it you can still not be able to prevent childhood accidents. While every single parent is worried that the child will be injured, we notice that in many situations not much is known about the actual threats that exist. Below you can find the most common of the childhood accidents and some quick tips to help you avoid them from happening in the first place. Remember that prevention is always much better than having to deal with doctors, train accident lawyers and medical treatments.


These are by far the most common of all the childhood injuries happening by accident. They can appear in so many different ways, including: electric burns, sunburns, hot surface touching and hot liquid coming out of pans.

The best thing that you can do to avoid burns is to make sure water heaters are set at temperatures that are not going to burn the child. Food should not be left unattended while you cook and smoke alarms should always be present in every single room of the home.


Statistics show that over 300 children go to the ER room and get poisoning treatment every single day in the US. Common poisoning reasons for children include eating medication, swallowing shampoo and even carbon monoxide exposure from different gas appliances.

Make sure that all dangerous substances are kept out of the reach of your child and that you install high quality carbon monoxide detectors in the home. Do read all you can about poisoning symptoms so you can react as soon as possible if something bad happens.


The big problem is that most parents believe that drowning is only a risk if there is a swimming pool. That is not the case. Children under the age of 14 are at risk in every single home. You want to be sure with children around any water, including in bathtubs, buckets and toilets. That is because a child does not really need much water to drown. If there are areas like whirlpools and swimming pools around the home, do secure them in a proper way. Children should be kept away from irrigation ditches, wells and fountains. Generally speaking, you want to supervise the child to be sure all is ok.


This is, most likely, the most known of the reasons why children get accidentally injured. The child will inevitably fall once in a while. Most of the falls are not serious. However, many can lead to nonfatal injuries. This does include fractures, sprains, bruises, contusions and head injuries. Once again, supervision is the secret to prevention. You will want to also install all needed window guards, guard rails and stair gates. When you take the child to the playground, be sure it is secure and whenever you have a baby, do not leave him unattended.

Remember that we only mentioned the really common childhood accidents. Parents need to be aware of everything that could happen. Do be sure you supervise the child at all times and that you protect him.

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