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Before starting a video blog, it is useful to research modern tools for improving it. There are plenty of blogging tips, which include necessary information about successful blogging. First of all, you need to choose your direction and target audience. Take care of your information content, complementing it with visual pictures.

There are no strict rules on how to start a video blog, it is a free platform for your creativity, but the most valuable thing is a quality video with attractive colors and correct angles. Nowadays, it is easy to find helpful online resources and products which you can use to diversify the blog.

How to make a quality video?

Depending on the type of video blog, you will need to use different tools for creating it. Usually, after filming the whole thing, in the end, it turns out that the material you got is quite large, and some moments need to be cut out. For example, when creating a travel blog, it will be necessary to piece together moments from different locations, as well as trimming off some of them. This can help to present the full atmosphere of the place you have traveled to. But those methods are common for all video posts. The food blog requires the most informative treatment. It is good to shorten the video and to speed up the parts.

Here is a list of effective resources you can use for these actions:

  • Shotcut– after downloading, you can use the advantages of cutting video and composing it together.
  • VideoPad – this resource is better to use for light, color, and text editing.
  • Fastreel is a good choice for online video editing; there is no need to download it.
  • VSDC – this website is convenient for direct exporting video to social networks.
  • Lightworks is a paid platform that gives you access to audio and video content.
  • Magisto has video makers divided into different topics.
  • FlexClip is suitable for making videos with animation and text added; there is a huge media library for free.

Some of them work online, and others need to be downloaded. It is obligatory to use such kinds of instruments because, with their help, it is possible to cut the video, combine different elements, crop the picture of the video blog, and more. It is an easy way to make a fast slideshow; the result will be of good quality. Not only can you add video, but also use photos as a background picture.

The light plays an important role in video blog creation, so you will need a reliable camera or GoPro camera, which is best for shooting in motion. The online programs mentioned above can help you regulate the light and add more action in the video, using the accelerating and decelerating instrument. There is a possibility to play on the contrasts that will add richness to the video posts.

For the audience, it is easier to perceive information accompanied by music since it has a powerful effect on the human brain and can change the mood easily. Music is considered to be an equal way of communication, the same as a regular one, and its influence is still studied by plenty of researches. Based on this knowledge, most bloggers use suitable music in their videos. This can be done with those tools as well and switch from one musical composition to another to add dynamism.

Another essential component in creating a successful video blog is the appropriate caption in it. The caption must be written in an intelligible form and easy to read throughout the video. It is important to be sure that your embedded video matches the titles and other information you put in the video.

Among other video blogging tips, we want to highlight video compressing. Social networks, especially YouTube, has its requirements concerning the size of the content. That is why you need to shorten your product or use the mentioned instruments to compress it to the necessary size.

Advertising in your blog should be unobtrusive, and it is more effective to make it in the same style as your video, just stick to your style. As a result, you will notice that the audience will not be irritated with it, and sponsors will be satisfied.

This brief overview is made as a small guide to upgrade the video blog and can help beginners to develop their skills in video processing and posting video.


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