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*I’ve debated whether or not to post this for a while. Even if it only encourages one single person I’ll be satisfied.

I nursed Walt for 5 amazing months. It was a struggle from the start. We pushed through as long as we could and stopping was not what I wanted but it was best for the both of us. I had so much guilt that I could not continue to nourish my baby boy the way I had planned & constantly wished I could be a better mother and nurse her child like it “should be” done. Seeing other moms on Facebook who talked nonstop about how amazing breastfeeding is for babies and how you SHOULD nurse for at least a year to have a healthy child ate me up inside. WHY could I not do it? Was I not an adequate mother?

This is just my personal experience with motherly guilt. I know we all feel some sort of it if even in the slightest way. I’m writing this post to include myself. I try to remind myself with every social media post to think of the others.

I just wanted to remind the other mothers out there including myself that not everyone has it easy and not everyone has it hard. We are all doing a spectacular job no matter how your baby is fed, clothed, diapered, or cared for. But next time we post something on social media lets all just try to remember the mothers out there who wish they could…

For the nursing mom

Remember the mothers like myself. The mothers who feel so much guilt and can’t do anything with it. The mommies who feel inadequate and those who think they are failing their babies. The mommies who are learning that formula is not poison and it too can feed even the most brilliant child.

For the stay at home mom

Remember the mommies who would do anything to be with their babies all day. The mommies who think about their littles 24/7 while working full time to give them the best life they can. The mommies who wake up at 4am to get ready and bring their baby to daycare by 6am.

For the wealthy moms

Remember the mommies who can’t provide everything you can to their babies. The moms who feel like they are less because they can’t buy the best of everything. Nobody says you have to have the most expensive bottles for your baby to be nourished.

For the “monthly board” moms

Next time you put up a monthly board of accomplishments remember those moms with developmentally delayed children. The mom’s learning about their babies new disorder. The moms who struggle daily because they constantly wonder why their baby isn’t completing all of the milestones as soon as yours. These boards have been my worst nightmare. My Walt is 13 months and still not walking and you know what, its OKAY!

For the married moms

Remember those who are parenting on their own. Those who struggle everyday and those who need help. The moms who are single handedly bringing their kids to work, feeding them, bathing them, putting them to sleep, and doing night duty all by themselves.

For the happy-go-lucky moms

Remember the women out there who are dealing with postpartum depression because they are there more than you think. Remember them when you talk about how amazing your life is and how great you have it because everyday is a struggle for them. Pray and encourage to be the best mom they can to their babies.

For the organic food moms

Remember the moms who have different views. They are not below you. Our choice is our own and we are nobody to judge what others feed their families.

We are all amazing mothers! Remember to encourage a mom because they need it daily whether they show it or not. We are all the PERFECT mother for our little one 🙂

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