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I recently decided that I wanted to start all over. In social media.

I wanted to see how starting out in the world of social media is today. How hard is it? What do I need to do? Where would someone start in today’s social media world filled with an overabundance of technology and flooded with apps and platforms?

It has been eye-opening, and a lesson that I am so glad to be learning. But most of all, I am reminded that giving up is what would have ended everything for me years ago.

I’m being reminded of the struggle. The struggle to find a niche, content, and audience. However, I’m reminded that it flows in that exact order. But again, I am strongly reminded that giving up is what would end everything.

So, I started in “blogging” in 1996. It really didn’t exist as “blogging” in that era, but I used platforms like Tripod to log my thoughts and adventures. Mostly just my immature, high school thoughts. I would give anything to go back and read those crazy entries!

It would be another decade before I decided to actually form my online interests into a viable income earner. And it was hard. But I had a tremendous blessing at the beginning.

I lost my job in the declining economy of 2008.

If that had not have happened, I would have been comfortable in “just trying” to make something of my blog. Giving it a few hours a week and just hoping that something would have come of it.

But I lost my job.

That gave me a fire and an “I can’t afford to fail” attitude.

I spend every waking hour thinking about blogging, strategizing, working, and creating.

It eventually paid off.

In my new venture, I’m reminded that a deep determination and fire will go far. Every single day – I have to work toward success. I must put in effort, thought, and passion.

And you know what, I feel like I’m finding myself all over again. Creativity is flowing in a way that it hadn’t in a long time. I’m meeting new people and making connections as well as new friendships. I’m having a wonderful time and experience!

So here’s to you my social media colleagues – let that fire burn deeply and never allow it to be quenched.

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