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Parents often feel guilty when they need some time to themselves, but getting that time away from the hectic home environment is essential to staying energized and rejuvenated. Gather your other mom friends and plan a partial or full day devoted to girl time. Have fun catching up without the kids around, pampering yourselves a little, or enjoying time out in nature. You’ve been working hard, and you deserve this.

Take a Hike

Running around after children is exercise, but it’s not the same as what you enjoyed before you were a parent. Go to a state park with good walking, hiking, or biking trails. Spend some time in nature with your friends. Take the trail as slow or as fast as you want. The point isn’t to get in a good workout, but to give both your body and mind some time to connect with nature.

Catch a Flick

Parents almost never have time to see new movies that are out in theatres. If your tastes diverge from your spouse’s, both of you miss out on films you want to see during the rare date evenings when you do get to watch a movie. Get together with your friends and see something in the theaters. Choose an adult movie so children won’t be in there with you, and pick a weekday matinée to increase your chances of having the theater to yourselves.

Grab Coffee

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Coffee that you don’t make yourself always tastes better, doesn’t it? Find a local coffee shop with comfortable chairs and bring a relaxing board game like Scrabble. Get a cup of coffee you don’t have to gulp down, and maybe even a pastry or two to share. Enjoy each other’s’ company for a while. Get out that board game and have some fun, or just enjoy talking and catching up.

Enjoy a New Restaurant

Does your town have a new food truck or restaurant you’ve been itching to try? Your friends are probably as sick of missing out on the new stuff in town as you are, so it’s time to change things up.. For this meal, don’t worry about calories or nutrition information. Focus on enjoying the food that nobody in your house defrosted. Split a dessert with your friends if you want to. Or, take a walk to a local yogurt shop or patisserie to enjoy a sweet treat after your meal.

Have a Spa Day

Remember how much fun it was to have a sleepover when you were a teenager? Giving each other manicures, making face masks out of household goods, and experimenting with makeup were such fun with friends around. Recreate that fun by doing an at-home spa day. Get a bottle of wine and check out the best Amway products for an at-home spa day. As fun as it was to craft beauty products out of olive oil or egg whites when you were a kid, today you want to use products that will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and looking great.

Do a Yoga Class

You probably don’t have time to stretch or get a massage these days, so you and your friends should seek out a yoga class. Pick one geared towards relaxation, or an all-levels yoga class. Something too intense won’t offer the relaxation component you probably need. Work out the tension you probably didn’t realize your muscles are carrying. When you’re done, go out for a beer together so you have a chance to catch up.

Letting your kids see you practicing self-care is good; it teaches them that taking time for yourself is necessary and enjoyable, an idea that will serve them well later in life when they have careers and their own families. Plus, if you discover anything you think they’ll love while you’re out with your friends, plan a day out with the little ones to enjoy it.

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Decorating and Personalizing with Sticker Kid 0 14

sticker kid personalized labels
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I had thought that I would start this article off with a walk down memory lane – and remind you of how neat it was to be a kid and have something with your name on it. Do you remember buying pencils or keychains with your name? As a kid, I loved that.

But I’ll be honest – as an adult – I still love it. I’m putting my name, our last name or initials all over the place! So in reality, who doesn’t love it at any age?

It’s still fun to find items in a store that has my name or my children’s name on it – but I think it’s even more fun and quite useful to put our name on whatever I want!

Sticker Kid sent over the cutest labels – and I got to do just that. They have so many sticker shapes, sizes, uses — they even have posters!

I spent the weekend labeling-up the kid’s stuff and a few things of my own.

sticker kid personalized labels
You know what I love the most about Sticker Kid labels – other than the fun, personalization factor? The fact that it helps the kiddos (and me) keep track of their items. There used to be a time when I knew exactly which pencil and eraser belonged to my child. I also knew exactly how many items I sent with them out of the house. But, my brain is a little more frazzled and I need a little help remembering what I’ve purchased and sent with them. So, Sticker Kid can help me keep all of that in order.

Is that the backpack I bought for you, Joey? Yep! It has your name tag on it. Savannah, did I really buy you that water bottle? Yep! It has our name label on it.

Please tell me that I’m not the only one with a perpetual case of “mom brain”?
I had been worried that the labels and tags would be easily removable to the point where they could just fall off and be lost. But they are securely on each item.

sticker kid personalized labels
You may be tempted to solely use the labels on the typical items such as school supplies, and shoes. But I think they’re going to work very well when the kids head to camp and go on day-adventures.

I plan to label items such as hair dryers, safety kids, flashlights, combs, leave-in conditioners, sunblock, pool toys, bite cream, and the list goes on. What else would you label?

sticker kid personalized labels
I was excited to see their collection of kitchen labels and home decor items. Having just revamped one of my brands, I wanted to pay homage to it. These kitchen labels were the perfect item to keep it close.

I plan to use these to organize not only spices, but my espresso, flours, sugars, and oats.

sticker kid personalized labels
So, the poster is probably my most favorite item of all. Because I love putting our names everywhere! Right now, I’m attaching it to this old calendar board I thrifted last year.

I painted the frame white, added wood to the inner portion and covered it with chalk paint. This will hang in our kitchen – but I may rotate the poster throughout the house.

sticker kid personalized labels
I’d love to hear what your ideas on labeling are! What should I label next? Which item are you going to order or which one should I order next?

I love being creative but I’d love your suggestions as well. What would you use these labels on?

Here’s a list of some of their different label options:

  • Iron-on name labels for clothes
  • Medium labels
  • Mini labels
  • “Preschool Super Pack” of 154 labels
  • Kindergarten pack with 150 name labels – perfect for toddlers
  • “School Mega Pack” pack of 214 labels
  • Large labels
  • 80 Peel and Stick Clothing Labels
  • Small name labels
  • Heart labels
  • Square Photo labels
  • Shoe labels
  • “Book Pack” labels
  • 9 Right-left shoe labels
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follow friday
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