SunDestin Beach Resort in Destin, Florida for the win! 0 3

condo rental on the beach destin florida
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We were provided a complimentary stay at SunDestin Beach Resort courtesy of ResortQuest by Wyndham Vacation Rentals.
All opinions are our own.

What’s the first thing you look for when planning a beach getaway and search for the perfect beach-front resort? A bunk bed, right! You’d be surprised at the number of kids who want just that.

The things that I look forward to the most are moments I get to spend with my kids – away from home. Traveling with the family are special events for me – and I know I won’t always get to do this with them.

condo rental on the beach destin florida

So, when planning a beach vacation for my family – I seek out hotels, resorts, and condos where they can enjoy themselves. Location is a big factor in planning. We want to be close to places and attractions that we want to visit. And we love us some beach. No better place to vacation than a place where I can, for the most part, relax. Am I right?

On our recent trip to Destin, Florida – we spent part of the time at SunDestin Beach Resort by ResortQuest by Wyndham Vacation Rentals. It has such a great location! After first and foremost being located on the beach – it is close to so many restaurants and attractions. In fact, as I checked in – someone was right there to introduce me to the area and handed me a detailed list of places I may want to try while in the area. We’ve been to Destin twice before – but wasn’t aware of so many neat places to explore.

condo rental on the beach destin florida

We loved the easy access to the beach and as I said previously – the location was excellent and close to almost everything. With a private beach on Florida’s Emerald Coast and spacious condos, SunDestin was a great find for our trip. Check it out!


condo rental on the beach destin florida

You hear it from me often – I love to prepare food and cook. I especially love getting to do this on vacations. Yes, I really do – even though I very much love finding new places to dine and local fare to try while traveling.

Look at all the space I have here to prepare and store food. It’s one thing to have the necessary equipment to make meals – it’s quite another to have adequate space to prepare it and store all the ingredients. This kitchen gave me plenty of space for both! And I had a gorgeous beach view while doing it. I’m not sure that you can beat that.

condo rental on the beach destin florida


condo rental on the beach destin florida

This condo came with one bedroom, a set of bunk beds located in the hall, a full bathroom and a guest bathroom. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited my children were about bunk beds. I would have loved them as well – especially their cozy locations and cute setup.

condo rental on the beach destin florida

And, they are cute – aren’t they!

I liked having a private room – separate from the kid’s lodging yet still very close to them. The bedroom was the perfect size for my husband and myself. It also allowed me a little bit of alone time while I was getting ready for the day, beach trip, or to check out the local sites. It can be a little difficult to get that personal time when traveling with the entire family, am I right?

condo rental on the beach destin florida

Gulf View

The beach view from the balcony was simply breathtaking and very relaxing. And in the same breath, it was invigorating! Does the earth’s natural beauty do that to anyone else – relax yet inspire you?

condo rental on the beach destin florida

It became my morning ritual to wake up, brew a cup of coffee – and watch the sun rise over that beautiful Emerald Coast. We also spent most of the evenings watching the sun set from the balcony. That’s one of our favorite traditions when we vacation along the beach. How can you not enjoy viewing such a site?

We were also able to see a wedding from the balcony! I LOVE when that happens! So, thinking of an extended family vacation AND beach wedding – SunDestin has services to help you plan that and make it happen.

If we didn’t pack and take our lunch down to the beach – we enjoyed it from the balcony. Because it’s just hard to say goodbye to the gulf even when you need to go inside to eat! Slipping back onto the balcony and enjoying a chicken-wrap while we rested and prepared for more fun on the beach holds many great memories.

I had been so tempted to spend at least one night on the couch – so that perhaps I could have a better chance of hearing the waves as I drifted to sleep. But, I typically did not do that. But just enjoyed the view from the couch when I needed to sit with my laptop and get a bit of work done. Hey, I’ll take that view any day! (I’m writing this while sitting in front of an empty, white wall – nowhere near the gulf.)

condo rental on the beach destin florida

If you’ve never been to Destin, you must go! It is quite a treasure along Florida’s Emerald Coast – offering everything that all types of travelers can enjoy. It boasts award-winning beaches, as well as one of the top U.S. tennis resorts. It also has the reputation as the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village.” I haven’t yet done any fishing while we’ve been there, but I’ll need to plan to go back and give it a try!

We loved both places we stayed on this trip. Both were by ResortQuest by Wyndham Vacation Rentals which offers the largest selection of Destin Florida vacation rentals. You’ll have to check them our here. They have everything from condos to private homes, and resorts.

Get your KeyToTheBeach! After you reserve your stay, be sure to download the Hospitality app to get discounts to places around Destin. Show the Hospitality app to establishments listed here to receive exclusive discounts and offers.

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Decorating and Personalizing with Sticker Kid 0 4

sticker kid personalized labels
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I had thought that I would start this article off with a walk down memory lane – and remind you of how neat it was to be a kid and have something with your name on it. Do you remember buying pencils or keychains with your name? As a kid, I loved that.

But I’ll be honest – as an adult – I still love it. I’m putting my name, our last name or initials all over the place! So in reality, who doesn’t love it at any age?

It’s still fun to find items in a store that has my name or my children’s name on it – but I think it’s even more fun and quite useful to put our name on whatever I want!

Sticker Kid sent over the cutest labels – and I got to do just that. They have so many sticker shapes, sizes, uses — they even have posters!

I spent the weekend labeling-up the kid’s stuff and a few things of my own.

sticker kid personalized labels
You know what I love the most about Sticker Kid labels – other than the fun, personalization factor? The fact that it helps the kiddos (and me) keep track of their items. There used to be a time when I knew exactly which pencil and eraser belonged to my child. I also knew exactly how many items I sent with them out of the house. But, my brain is a little more frazzled and I need a little help remembering what I’ve purchased and sent with them. So, Sticker Kid can help me keep all of that in order.

Is that the backpack I bought for you, Joey? Yep! It has your name tag on it. Savannah, did I really buy you that water bottle? Yep! It has our name label on it.

Please tell me that I’m not the only one with a perpetual case of “mom brain”?
I had been worried that the labels and tags would be easily removable to the point where they could just fall off and be lost. But they are securely on each item.

sticker kid personalized labels
You may be tempted to solely use the labels on the typical items such as school supplies, and shoes. But I think they’re going to work very well when the kids head to camp and go on day-adventures.

I plan to label items such as hair dryers, safety kids, flashlights, combs, leave-in conditioners, sunblock, pool toys, bite cream, and the list goes on. What else would you label?

sticker kid personalized labels
I was excited to see their collection of kitchen labels and home decor items. Having just revamped one of my brands, I wanted to pay homage to it. These kitchen labels were the perfect item to keep it close.

I plan to use these to organize not only spices, but my espresso, flours, sugars, and oats.

sticker kid personalized labels
So, the poster is probably my most favorite item of all. Because I love putting our names everywhere! Right now, I’m attaching it to this old calendar board I thrifted last year.

I painted the frame white, added wood to the inner portion and covered it with chalk paint. This will hang in our kitchen – but I may rotate the poster throughout the house.

sticker kid personalized labels
I’d love to hear what your ideas on labeling are! What should I label next? Which item are you going to order or which one should I order next?

I love being creative but I’d love your suggestions as well. What would you use these labels on?

Here’s a list of some of their different label options:

  • Iron-on name labels for clothes
  • Medium labels
  • Mini labels
  • “Preschool Super Pack” of 154 labels
  • Kindergarten pack with 150 name labels – perfect for toddlers
  • “School Mega Pack” pack of 214 labels
  • Large labels
  • 80 Peel and Stick Clothing Labels
  • Small name labels
  • Heart labels
  • Square Photo labels
  • Shoe labels
  • “Book Pack” labels
  • 9 Right-left shoe labels
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