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I had no idea the 2016 Summer Olympics would affect our life so greatly.  Now I’m only being slightly facetious here. I love the Olympics and find myself a little lost now that I don’t have a new series of events to cheer for every night.  Maybe I’ll get into bed before 1:00am now.  Yeah right.

How else did the Olympics change us this year?

Well, Bubba thinks he’s an Olympian. What sport or event, you ask? All of them. He definitely excels at running. Running circles around the island in the evenings, that is. I can’t believe he doesn’t get dizzy and fall over half the time. He makes me dizzy just watching him. I’m guessing he’ll be a distance runner because that boy can run  Then it becomes a relay: “Mommy follow me! Daddy, follow me!” That kitchen island is much smaller when you’re jogging after a toddler repeatedly.

Does he specialize in other events? Why yes, he does. The few that come to mind are:

Lap racing: see above. I hear follow me in my sleep.  It’s amazing I don’t sleep-walk follow.

Peek-a-boo shotput: Never heard of it? That’s okay. I’ll enlighten you. This is when the athlete finds a ball or anything of a projectile-type-weight and hurls it as hard and as far as he can, unexpectedly. It makes for matrix-like reactions from the fans, diving to protect the tiny one, and a mad dash to hide every-ball-with-weight-you-can-find. Did I ever mention that Oma & Daddio gave Bubba a ball pit for Christmas 2 years ago? (No joke, best gift ever- he still loves it) Yet, it has 600 balls in it. Let that sink in.

: Yup. Just jumping. Off of everything.
Coffee table: 7.5,
Steps 9.0,
Thomas Train Toy: 4 He falls off of this one more often than not. Would that be considered a fault? I don’t know, I’m still learning the rules.
Guess what, we’re getting better at jumping!

Olympic Repeating
: This is when the athlete takes a deep breath and shouts the name of a loved one repeatedly until he runs out of air. He then sucks another huge breath in, and starts again. The Olympic record for this event is 19 Mommys. Soon to be broken, I’m sure.

Sister Squishing
: All of a sudden he’s a 10-hug-an-hour-kid. But only for Little Bear. Mommy wants a hug, sorry- disqualified!

Talking Back
: This may be his strongest event. At least the one he’s most practiced in, recently. Hopefully, he finds another passion soon. We (as parents) just need to stay the course in discipline here.

Mess Making
: This final event is the culmination of the Toddler Olympics- Toddlermpics It is the longest event usually spanning 4-5 hours and involves all of the toys, several sets of snack crumbs, some spoons, and a few clothing items. I may have misinformed you earlier, this may be his strongest event. We know he’s well prepared, he’s been making messes since he figured out how to use his hands.

I think I need one of those “excuse the mess” signs. No qualifier. Just Excuse the Mess. It’s here and so are we.

So far, the Toddlermpics have been fun but I have an odd feeling they’re going to last longer than the two week Summer Olympics. That’s okay- I get to have several attire changes: his favorite colors change about every 3 hours. Gotta support the team.

Do you know anyone who excels in these events? Any of your own to add?

Be Great,

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3 Steps to Preparing for Toddlerhood 2 0

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We spend months upon (seemingly endless) months preparing for baby’s arrival. The infant stage is so much fun and at the same time it is incredibly busy. So busy that we may not have the time to plan for the rapidly approaching toddler years. This is such an amazing period. Now we’re headed into toddlerhood and so much is changing. What they’ll wear, what they’re able to do, when they want to eat, snack, sleep, and play.

Plan New Activities

She’s beginning to interact more and more. She’ll love experiencing new places, people, and events. This is a great time to plan play-dates with other moms in your area. Don’t forget local children’s museums and libraries! They may have special activities, craft hours or story times specially designed for toddlers.

New activities don’t require leaving the house! Plan a few arts and crafts projects each month or introduce them to a new game each week. A couple favorites of ours are: whipped cream finger paints, and improvised water-play tables on the deck. They are in such an amazing age of development and quite often the simplest of activities can mean an afternoon of fun!

Try New Treats and Snacks

Help develop their interest in new tastes, flavors and snacks by allowing them new and fun snacks. We especially love snacks and treats that are healthy as well as tasty! We’re looking forward to incorporating Stage 3 Gerber® Good Start® Grow Toddler Drink. Teaching them to choose nutritional snacks and drinks starts early – and we think this is a great first step! Create a yummy smoothie with it or simply mix with water for a healthy treat. We love that Stage 3 Gerber® Good Start® Grow Toddler Drink helps to provide essential nutrients that toddlers need and the probiotics help to support digestive health.

Create a ToddlerSpace

Now that she is on the move, create a dedicated space where she can freely and safely play – igniting her curiosity and imagination. We love the inclusion of a reading corner with their favorite picture books and a comfy blanket, chair or pillow for them to rest on.

Want to try Stage 3 Gerber® Good Start® Grow Toddler Drink? Hop over here to learn more about Gerber Good Start Grow Toddler drink then leave a comment below for a chance to win a “Welcome to Toddlerhood Kit”!


Congratulation to – Kayla! Winner of a Stage 3 Gerber® Good Start® Grow Toddler Drink!

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